About Us

Who We Are ?

Woodland Nutrition was established by a scientist (PhD), a herbalist and two health activists from Malaysia and the United Kingdom. It is truly a holistic combination of traditional practices, science streams and passion for a healthy lifestyle.  At Woodland Nutrition we believe in nature's healing power. Plants have been the source of food for humans long before the beginning of recorded history. Plants, part of nature's blessings, offer varieties of nutrition for human and animals to grow and thrive. Scientists estimate there are more than 600,000 species of plants on earth, at least half of which are edible for humans. As humans developed, the use of plants also developed from just food to medicine. Herbal medicine has been recorded since ancient civilisations as early as 60,000 years ago. Now, many drugs that serve as the base for modern pharmaceutical and antibiotics were derived from plant diversity.  At Woodland Nutrition we gather the knowledge of the power of naturally found herbs that have also been scientifcally researched. Those herbs and food with concrete scientific evidence get to our bottle of Woodland Nutrition goodness, serving you the best of nature for its nutrients and natural healing properties. 



What Do We Sell ?

Here we believe that health is a lifestyle. Rooted from what we eat, what we breathe and our daily lifestyle. We strive to deliver honest and top quality food to help you get the daily nutrition your body and mind needs. We started with Berries and Ginkgo Chewable Tablets, delivering you the nutrition for the body and mind. Unleashing the best version of yourself through non-complicated food form that is packed with nutrients. We will always make sure our products are 100% natural, sourced from clinically researched ingredients and that are affordable. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality Products
We ensure you that our main focus will be in the 
quality of our products. We only choose scientifically researched ingredients. We also make sure the ingredients are natural without any nasty chemicals. Each product is formulated based on the dosage used in the scientific papers to ensure 1 serving Per day is powerful enough to deliver all the benefits you need. We also use our products.  Just like you, we are also loyal consumers.


Quick Delivery

We ship every day except on Friday. All orders placed before 2.00 pm will be shipped on the same day except on Friday. Orders placed after 2.00 pm will be shipped the next day, except on Thursday. where orders placed after 2.00 pm on Thursday and on Friday will be shipped on Saturday. 


Responsible manufacturer 

Our producst are produced in a factory that received Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI). 


Affordable Price 

The best price on the market for all the ingredients combined and for the dosage offered in each product. 


How to Contact Us ?

Kindly email us your queries to info.woodlandnutrition@gmail.com . We will get back to you within 48 hours.